U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Recommends

How Supplied Storage Fnd Handling Avanafil

(avanafil) comes since oblong, lighter yellow-colored tablets containing 50 milligrams, one hundred mg, as well as 2 hundred mg avanafil debossed together with medication dosage strengths.

55 milligram

100 milligram

190 mg

Container of 25

NDC 62541-301-30

NDC 62541-302-25

NDC 62541-303-30

Container involving one hundred

NDC 62541-301-01

NDC 62541-302-01

NDC 62541-303-01

Advised Storage space: Shop in something like 20-30°Chemical (sixty-eight-lxxvii°Y); activities allowed for you to thirty°D (86°Farrenheit) [see Unique selling position Controlled Area Heat].

Shield coming from light [notice Unique selling position Manipulated Space Temperature].


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